The Statesman Vs. The Beauty Queen: Monday Morning Quarterbacking Of The Vice-Presidential Debate

...Sarah Palin lost the debate on the substance of the issues, but she won on style and performance. Just like in her days as a beauty pageant contestant, Sarah's coaches saw she didn't have a talent for grasping "the issues", but they agreed on a routine that will allow her to 'fake it 'till she makes it'. As soon as she walked out with the "...can I call you Joe?" line, I knew exactly where she was going. In short, her performance strategy was to use a whole lot of "galee gee, garsh darn, Joe six-pack" to blow smoke in the audience's eyes, while she slips in an answer that sounds good, but has nothing to do with the questions asked... After all, the only part of a beauty pageant where we see the true, honest to God, unrehearsed contestant is the 'question and answer' portion... Read more


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