Could John Stewart and Bill Maher Be Obama's Equalizer?

John Stewart and Bill Maher might be to Obama in this general election, what Saturday Night Live was to Hillary during the democratic primary. In the primary SNL's humorous take on the media bias was enough fuel for her campaign to launch a, relatively successful attack against the media for 'cushioning' Obama. Under the guise of unbiased comedic integrity, SNL could say what Hillary's campaign couldn't without being perceived as 'whiners'. In that case, SNL was both friend and foe to both candidates, hitting both of them with comedy sketches that drew criticism from supporters of each campaign. Now, during the general election, America's edgiest political comics might be one of Obama's greatest weapons by saying what the Obama campaign could not without a backlash.



LoL! Loved the Bill Maher clip. "Does anyone know the concept of pulling out?"

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